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More Specials!

Gift Cards for Holidays and Birthdays:

Looking for a great gift for the kids from Grandma and Grandpa?  Want to experience kidzxplor into 2018?  Virtual Gift Cards are a great way to give the #giftofkidzxplor. Savings also continue when you go up in price in gift card value:

Gift cards come in increments of the following:

  • 1 Pass/1 Activity – $17
  • 6 Passes at $100 
  • 10 Passes at $150
  • 20 Passes at $250 (3 months of activities)
  • 45 Passes at $500 (6 months of activities)
  • 90 Passes at $1000 (1 year of activities)

Refer A Friend Program

Add friends- have fun!  Our Refer A Friend program is the perfect way to xplor with friends and get a Perk for doing so.  Refer A Friend to kidzxplor and receive a FREE month of membership when that friend signs up.  No limits- invite as many friends as you want.

 The Small Print- all specials are not combinable with any other offers. Refer A Friend is not combinable with any other offers and membership must be purchased at full retail value.