Welcome to McCheek's Mayhem! Ater years of creating unique ceramic art, Carole Smith still gets a thrill every time she opens the kiln. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Carole received her B.A. in ceramics from Camberwell College of Arts in London (1990) and a postgraduate degree in ceramics from Goldsmith's University, also in London (1991).

The only thing that excites Carole more than witnessing the evolution of her own work is seeing others experience the same anticipation and joy. She shares her artistic passion through teaching, where she delights in the curiosity of children as they interact with the clay and bring it to life with their own hands. Carole encourages her students to express their innate creativity while learning the processes involved in ceramics. Because each child can make art in his or her own way, the process becomes just as rewarding as the finished product.