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Kidzxplor offers a new way for modern families to experience kid’s activities and find community. Monthly membership or Punch Passes allow parents to discover, book and drop into thousands of the best kids' activities & experiences near you, all at a touch of a button.

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How it works

Search thousands of classes and activities, sort by age, by day, by Class Partner, by location, and by your child’s preferences.

Choose classes and activities that fit into YOUR schedule, reserve your spot-on-the-go with one-click booking.  No forms needed.  No additional class costs EVER!

Help your child explore new interests and unlock their passion.

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Membership with kidzxplor gets you more than access to activities!

All kidzxplor memberships allow up to 4 children per plan, include Perks to local restaurants, retailers, and more and invitations to monthly kidzxplor events.  Access to our network of partner’s, parents, and experts.  Credit’s automatically rollover to the next active month.


3 Credit Plan

  • Add variety to your child’s current activities.
  • 3 Credits per month (most activities = 1 credit).
  • Never any commitment, cancel at any time!
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6 Credit Plan

  • Enjoy 1-2 new activities per week.
  • 6 Credits per month (most activities = 1 credit).
  • Never any commitment, cancel at any time!
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Punch Passes give you the best of kidzxplor- without the monthly commitment.

All kidzxplor punch passes allow up to 4 children per plan, include Perks to local restaurants, retailers, and more and invitations to monthly kidzxplor events.  Access to our network of partner’s, parents, and experts.  Credit’s are valid for up to 1 year.

1 Credit Punch

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6 Credit Punch

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10 Credit Punch

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A to Zen Meditation  ●  Arts Alive!  ●  Avec Moi French  ●  Baby Bootcamp-  Memorial Park  ●  Baby Boot Camp- Bendwood Park  ●  Baby Boot Camp- Memorial City Mall  ●  Baby Boot Camp- Tallowood Baptist Church  ●  Brazil-021 School of Jiu-Jitsu  ●  Break Free Hip Hop School  ●  Campbell Learning Center  ●  Children’s Museum of Houston  ●  City ArtWorks  ●  Conmigo Spanish  ●  crescendo family music   ●  DEFINE Body and Mind – Bellaire  ●   DEFINE Body and Mind- West U  ●  Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center ERJCC  ●  Figlia Kitchen  ●  Frame Dance Productions  ● Fundamentally Music- Heights  ●  Fundamentally Music- Bellaire  ●  Fundamentally Music- Upper Kirby  ●  Gymboree Play & Music – Memorial  ●  Gymboree Play & Music – Post Oak  ●  Holly Blue Performing Arts   ●  Houston Dash Soccer Team  ●  Houston Swim Club  ●  Hunter Dance Center  ●  Levy Park  ●  McCheek’s Academy  ●  METdance Company  ●  Michael’s Cookie Jar  ●  Nature Discovery Center  ●  Pinot’s Palette – Galleria  ●   Pinot’s Palette – Memorial City  ●   Pinot’s Palette – Montrose  ●  Prelude Music  ●  Rec Room Arts  ●  The Birthday Party Project  ●  The Doodle Bus  ●  The Little Gym- Memorial  ●  The Little Gym- Bellaire  ●  The Little Gym- Heights  ●  The Square at Memorial City  ●  Tomfoolery Toys and Books  ●  Tree House Arts + Crafts  ●  Urban Movement  ●  Wildfish Theatre  ●  Words by the Handful  ●  Yoga & Hops  ●  Yoga Athletex      

A to Zen Meditation

Arts Alive!

Avec Moi French

Baby Boot Camp- Memorial Park

Baby Boot Camp- Terry Hershey Park

Baby Boot Camp- Memorial City Mall

Baby Boot Camp- Tallowood Baptist Church

Brazil-021 School of Jiu-Jitsu

Break Free Hip Hop School

Campbell Learning Center

Children's Museum of Houston

City ArtWorks

Conmigo Spanish

crescendo family music

Define Body & Mind - Bellaire

DEFINE Body and Mind- West U

Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center- ERJCC

Figlia Kitchen

Frame Dance Productions

Fundamentally Music- Heights

Fundamentally Music- Bellaire

Fundamentally Music- Upper Kirby

Gymboree Play & Learn - Memorial

Gymboree Play & Learn - Post Oak

Holly Blue Performing Arts and Music

Houston Dash - Women's Soccer Team

Houston Swim Club - Sharpstown

Hunter Dance Center

Levy Park

McCheek's Academy

METdance Company

Michael's Cookie Jar

Nature Discovery Center

Pinot's Palette - Galleria

Pinot's Palette - Memorial City

Pinot's Palette - Montrose

Prelude Music

Rec Room Arts

The Birthday Party Project

The Doodle Bus

The Little Gym- Memorial

The Little Gym- Bellaire

The Little Gym- Heights

The Square at Memorial City

Tomfoolery Toys & Books

Tree House Arts and Crafts

Urban Movement

Wildfish Theatre

Words by the Handful

Yoga & Hops

Yoga Athletex

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“What I like most about kidzxplor is that having an 18 month old- you never know what she’s going to like from day to day- so I didn’t want to commit to anything at this point. I wanted to try a bunch of things out and see what we would like to do together.” – Keri Brewer –  Mom to Logan and baby #2
“kidzxplor is like ClassPass for kids- I love being able to do all sorts of activities with no commitment.” – Sarah Bauer- Mom to Mia and Drew.
“kidzxplor has been so much fun for my kids! They get to try new things, and I’ve been introduced to places around town I never knew existed. It’s been delightful to watch them learn and grow as they play.” – Yona Spiegelglass- Mom to Kyla, Liv, and Meadow
“I’ve been to several places through kidzxplor and at each I was greeted by name (mine or my childs).  I find that so impressive and eliminates any guesswork when arriving somewhere new.  The mark of great back-end communication.  Kudos!” –  Shannon Carrol – Mom to Greta and Olive
“kidzxplor gives us such a wide breadth of activities all in one single membership.  I love the value of having access to activities all over the city –  my kids get to try new things- without breaking the bank.  It’s truly been a gift.”Courtney Swillinger, Mom to Marah, Baleigh, and Reid 
“Being a working parent, kidzxplor has saved me by being able to take activities and pick what they want to do on our busy schedule.  I love the flexibility to be able to schedule last minute and cancel when we need to.”  – Meredith Berger-  Mom to Olivia and Zoe
“With kids you never know who will be sick or when naptime will be or if the coffee is just not strong enough to get you out of the house that day, so I love that Kidzxplor allows you to kinda decide last minute which activity you want to do. It’s also so fun to see them try out so many different activities- some they thought they were going to hate and they ended up loving. Any day we do a Kidzxplor class they tell me it’s “the best day ever!” It’s all worth it just to hear them say that.” – Michelle Evans- Mom to Charlotte, Olivia, and June



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Choose from hundreds of kids activities every week. Book activities the same day. Subscribe and save, or purchase a punch pass.

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