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kidzxplor is a simple way for parents to expose their children to exciting new activities and experiences, like art, music, fitness, open play, cooking and theater, all included in a low monthly membership fee. This app and web based service allows a member to book classes with no long term commitment, when you want it, helping you to unlock your child’s passion and potential.

What ages does kidzxplor serve?

kidzxplor offers activities to children ages 0 to 18 years old.


Absolutely not!  All of your classes and activities are included in your monthly membership.  Boom.

How much does a membership cost?

kidzxplor membership starts at $39 for a 3 credit Pass.  We also offer 6 Credit memberships at $79 and 10 Credit memberships at $129.  You can add up to 4 children underneath your membership.  All passes renew on your billing date each month unless cancelled prior to your billing date.  Membership can be cancelled at any time and you can always upgrade or downgrade your membership depending on your needs.  All Passes rollover each active month of membership so you will never lose what you purchased unless your membership is cancelled.

We also offer a non-reoccuring subscription as Punch Pass in 1 credit, 6 credit, or 10 credit Passes.  Punch Passes are valid up to a year.

Who operates the activities?

kidzxplor partners with exceptional local activity providers, who share our mission of child enrichment and community enhancement.

How do I book an activity?

Reserving a class is simple!  Just sign into or on your app on your mobile device.  You can sort for classes and activities by date and time, age of your child, activity type, and by provider.  When you enter in your choice of parameters- activities that fit will automatically populate.  You can click on the “book” button and your class is confirmed!  You will receive an email automatically that confirms your reservation in your chosen activity- the Activity Provider will be alerted as well.  You can also directly add to your calendar.  Have fun!

How far in advance can I book an activity?

Activities and classes can be booked up to 3 months in advance, but many activities are added daily.  You can book an activity up to 2 hours before the start of the activity.

When does a membership cycle begin?

Membership cycle begins with first date of sign up, with monthly re-occurrence on that day, so if you signed up on the 15th of any given month, your membership auto-renews on the 15th of every month thereafter.

How many activities can I take during a cycle?

You can take as many activities as your plan allows you too.  Our 3 credit Membership allows you 3 activities per month, our 6 Pass allows 6 activities, and our 10 Pass allows you 10 credits per month.  Most Partners allow you to attend their facility 3x per child per billing cycle- please check the Partner directory for specifics per Partner if that is not the case.  Some activities require 2 credits per class or activity.  This will be indicated in the class page and also in the partner directory.

How do Free Activities work with my membership?

kidzxplor is happy to offer you the best programming in the city and some of these activities are free to the community.  To ensure clarity, free activities are noted with a price tag icon in the calendar.  Free activities do not count against Pass credits and are able to be booked unlimited.

How many times can I reserve my favorite activity?

kidzxplor members are able to reserve with the same provider up to three times during their membership cycle.  On occasion, there will be a Class Partner that only allows 2 visits in the same month- information on classes below the 3 class alotment will be listed on the Class Partner’s Partner Page.

How do I cancel an activity?

Life happens!  We understand!  To cancel a reservation, go into your account settings, select your registered activity- and select the cancel button.  You will receive a cancellation email- and the provider will be alerted too. Boom.

Please keep in mind that cancellations that occur without 2 hours notice will incur a $15 late cancellation fee.  No-show’s will be charged a $20 fee and it will cost against a visit at that Activity Provider.  Bummer.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

You sure can!  We want to make life as easy as possible for you!  You have no committment on your membership.

Is there an app for kidzxplor?

You better believe it!  We have app’s to download on both the Apple App Store and on Google Play store.  Download and enjoy!


kidzxplor isn’t in my city, when will you be here?

We can’t wait to meet you too!  kidzxplor is currently operational in St. Louis and Houston.  We have many plans to expand to other US cities quickly.  Send us an email at for more information.

How can i become a class provider?

We would love to have you on the team!  Please email us at or fill out the form here under the “Partners” page.

Can someone take my child to a class other than myself?

Absolutely!  We love Nanny’s, Grandparents, and caretakers.  You are more than welcome to send someone in your place to your child’s class.

Can I arrive late to a class or activity?

Life happens!  Kids need a snack, doctor appointments run over—and as a result, we’re all late to class sometimes. For the safety of other students, however, many of our studios are not able to admit people who arrive late to class.  Each studio has its own policy regarding late arrivals. Most encourage you to arrive well before class begins, often 10-15 minutes in advance. Information regarding a Class Partner’s arrival policy will be listed on their class page so please take note.

If you need any help- please let us know at

What is PERKS!?

We’re so happy you asked!  kidzxplor PERKS! is an ancillary program that offers our members-only exclusive deals and incentives in the local community.  PERKS! are locally-owned businesses partnered exclusively with kidzxplor to offer you a treat, or a PERK, when you visit their place of business.  PERKS! is only available to active members and is password protected under your account settings.  Check back frequently- PERKS! change all the time!

What should I do if we have bad weather and I have an activity booked?

When inclement weather strikes, we do our best to stay on top of closings and cancellations to our schedules.  To be 100% accurate- we encourage members to check the Partner’s website and/or Facebook account for up-to-the-minute updates prior to leaving your house.  The schedule is determined by the Partner and Member’s should defer to their company schedules.  We are always happy to help- if you have any questions- please email us at

Can I take Classes and Activities in cities other than my own?

Yes!  You sure can!  If you are a kidzxplor member, you have the ability to take classes and activities in our other cities as part of your membership.  Simply go into your account settings and switch your hometown to another city while traveling to see the breadth of classes and activities in other kidzxplor cities.  Have some questions?  Feel free to reach out at any time.

Still have questions?

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