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“It takes a village to raise a child”

Our kidzxplorCommunity

Kidzxplor feels passionately that Community is the most important part of our lives.  The Communities that we live give us support and life.  What Community means to each person is different- but what it means to us is all living together and working for the common goal of helping families thrive.  From our Activity Partners, to local businesses, to non-profits, and through our customers and subscribers- we all have a common passion to help children find their passion, and help make parents lives easier.  We strive to put all these quadrants together to help families experience their community and feel supported and #getoutthere being given the best opportunities and experiences for our kids.  Our kidzxplorCommunity is you.  Please check back frequently as we give updates on our kidzxplorCommunity events, activities, and resources and provide meaningful and valuable content that help enrich families lives.



kidzxplorCommunity has as much passion in helping kids find their passion- as we do in helping the communities where we live.  We have a passion to make the world a better place by investing in our communities, by helping the needy and vulnerable, and by making things a bit brighter for our youth.  Each month, kidzxplor, donates a percentage of profits directly back to the community and to the organizations that drive us to work harder to make things better.  We hope that our kidzxplor members will help us with that by voicing your opinion on what is important to you, and what makes your heart beat.  Through our blog and through our social media voice- we want to hear from you on who is doing a great job and who needs a little more help.  Let’s all work together to make this community the best it can be.  Lets explore and give back- together.

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