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“Inspire children to discover their passion in life by providing convenient options to explore through the value that families need.”

kidzxplor is the dynamic coupling of three St. Louis moms’ who believed there was a better way to help kids find their passion.  Through our own experiences, we recognized the difficulty in the search, discovery, and reservations of kids activities.  That combined with the expense, and the lack of flexibility drove us to find a solution.  We believe kidzxplor will not only help children explore new activities, but we intend for kidzxplor to become a integral part of your local community.  We want your kids to have fun and grow- and we want you to live a life thats a bit easier to manage.

The Team

Lisa Litvag- Co-Founder & COO

Jodi Rubenstein- Director of Exploration- HTX

Angela Sandler- Co-Founder & CEO

Stacy Smart- Director of Exploration- STL

Stephanie Saur- Co-Founder

Mindy Goldfarb- Director of Discovery- STL

The Inspiration